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How to Create a Story


Step One: Find a topic or idea that interests you well enough to spend great deals of time on. 

Step Two:

  • Create a story outline.

  • Choose the names of your story’s characters and describe them as much as possible. Their hair and eye color, ethnicity, religion, hopes, hates, fears, habits and personality traits, etc.

  • Decide where and when the story takes place.

  • Give key details about the town, city or country.

  • Define the main problem(s) that the characters face. Imagine the possible solutions to solve the problems, and have in mind the story’s ending.

Step Three:  Write the story. Go at your own pace. Aim for two pages a day. In no time (a couple of years, perhaps) your story will be finished.

Step Four: Make sure every chapter/ section has a problem, solution, and a new problem. This will keep the story going. Or alternatively, you can have a problem, possible solution, solution failing and causing a new problem or an even bigger problem until the last chapter when all problems are resolved.

Step Five: Go back over the story. It helps to read it aloud or with a friend, or even to yourself.  Make sure every chapter/ section is consistent with the plot. Look for spelling and grammar mistakes. Check to see if you can make sentences stronger or scenes clearer.  This process can take a long time, so don’t give up.  It’s worth it!

Step Six:  The story is complete. Take a bow! :)

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