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2 Years...

Recently I marked the second anniversary of my blog, “Swimming Upstream.” When I began, I was sure that it would fizzle within a month. Yet, thanks to my friends, family and loyal followers, my blog is still going strong.

Since my book “You See Me” came out last October, I have had some unexpected victories. I have been asked by a few online publications to submit my work and collaborate with a travel blogger about his trip to Israel. I have also mentored a young student in writing and have written two author’s endorsement quotes. Yet, there have also been some setbacks.

There have been the inevitable bad reviews, a couple of rejections by publications which I had thought I would be a shoe in for, poor sales of my book, the cancellation of a book signing (Corona induced), all while dealing with uncertain times. And sharing a computer with my children during peak writing hours has not helped.

Through the slumps and bumps, I thought of you, my dear readers. Your favorable comments meant more to me than you will ever know! They helped me press forward in my writing, even when finances, and social connections advised me to step back. Then out of the blue, I received the most unexpected surprise, I became a winner of the Purple Dragonfly seal. So, I continue to persevere, and I am currently working on a manuscript that I hope to have ready for submission in the next couple of months.

Some of statistics from the past year include:

Most liked Post: “If I Could, I Would,” 582 Views.

Least liked Post: “Writing Slips” 37 Views.

Number of blogs Written in 2020: 19

505 friends on my author’s page on Facebook.

10,000 connections made on LinkedIn.

3,682 Twitter followers

For 730 days, 102 weeks and twenty-four months you, my wonderful audience, have stuck by me while I have shared my thoughts, opinions, setbacks, and triumphs. Because of your support, I keep on doing what I love. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

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