• Dev Friedlander

A Wonderful Day

On October 15th my book, You See Me, was published. A few weeks before that, I did research on what authors should do the day their book enters the marketplace. There were articles on how to dress for a TV interview and how it feels to see readers browse through your book at the bookstore. The only problem is, I didn’t have any TV interviews lined-up or books that lined bookstore shelves. So, to be honest, I was more apprehensive than excited when October 15th arrived.

On the morning of my book release, I stayed away from my phone until about 9:00 AM, scared of what I would find or more accurately… not find. When I did get the courage to look, I was shocked. I had several texts from friends and family members wishing me good luck with my book release. I was touched they remembered.

Then I went on Facebook. I found post after post from friends promoting my book. I was tagged in pictures of people reading my book on cruises and at the beach. I got requests to post links of where my book could be purchased, prompting me to write the one post that I shared on social media.

The post had many likes and comments, wishing me success as a new author. Thanks to all of you, my book ranked at twenty-five in its category in the bestselling section on Amazon for the day. I didn’t think my day could get any better until a dear friend brought me roses. At that point tears of joy and gratitude came down my cheeks, unable to contain them any longer.

I don’t know how other authors celebrate their book release date, but I celebrated mine with those that meant the most to me. I may not have gotten any interviews or fancy posters of my book hung up in bookstores, but I was cheered on by all of you. I can’t tell you what it’s like to see people peruse my book on a shelf, but I can tell you what it’s like to have amazing friends and beloved family members.

All authors should know what it’s like to feel as happy as I did on the day my book was released and everyone, author or not, should have the privilege of feeling as loved!

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