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Creating A Story

While creative writing is an art, there are basic concepts which every writer must learn. This week, for a change of pace, I'm sharing the outline of story creation. This can be used for any work of fiction, no matter how many words. For more information and tips on writing please visit my website.

How to Create a Story

Step One: Find a topic or idea that interests you well enough to spend great deals of time on.

Step Two: Create a story outline. Choose the names of your story’s characters and describe them as much as possible. Their hair and eye color, ethnicity, religion, hopes, hates, fears, habits and personality traits, etc.

Decide where and when the story takes place. Give key details about the town, city or country. Define the main problem(s) that the characters face. Imagine the possible solutions to solve the problems, and have in mind the story’s ending.

Step Three:  Write the story. Go at your own pace. Aim for two pages a day. In no time (a couple of years, perhaps) your story will be finished.

Step Four: Make sure every chapter/ section has a problem, solution, and a new problem. This will keep the story going. Or alternatively, you can have a problem, possible solution, solution failing and causing a new problem or an even bigger problem until the last chapter when all problems are resolved.

Step Five: Go back over the story. It helps to read it aloud or with a friend, or even to yourself.  Make sure every chapter/ section is consistent with the plot. Look for spelling and grammar mistakes. Check to see if you can make sentences stronger or scenes clearer.  This process can take a long time, so don’t give up.  It’s worth it!

Step Six:  The story is complete. Take a bow! 😊

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