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Getting Social

I like to think of myself as a social person. I enjoy getting coffee with friends and inviting people over for dinner. Yet when it comes to social media, I’m not quite as outgoing. I’m always unsure of what to post. Do people want to know that I nailed my last batch of cookies? How many pictures of my children do people care to see? And should I brag about every small win or bemoan each little setback?

The answers to all those questions vary because people’s opinions differ. Some people tell me to post whatever I feel while others tell me to be more cautious. I’ve learned the hard way when statements are made publicly, people tend to share their opinions of said statements.

I’ve dealt with rude comments, hurt feelings and strangers telling me to google my questions instead of wasting their time. I’ve also had wonderful interactions with people I’ve never met and gained perspectives on subjects I thought my mind had been closed off from. It’s a hard balance, one I’m not sure I’ve figured out completely yet. Still, I’m on more social platforms than ever before.

As a writer, I must market my book to any media source that will have me. Pushing my book goes against my nature. It feels abrasive. People will either like my story or they won’t, but first, they must know about it to form an opinion.

Facebook: Facebook has been the easiest social media platform for me to navigate. I know how to create a Facebook page, like, post and comment. What I don’t enjoy about Facebook is keeping up with all the groups I have joined. I get so many notifications informing me of the posts I need to read. I feel bad when I see a great post and don’t have time to comment, it feels like a wasted opportunity to connect.

LinkedIn: In the beginning, I shied away from LinkedIn. I thought it was for big corporations and businesses. Well, it turns out I am running a business; therefore, I need to be on LinkedIn. At first, I enjoyed the format of LinkedIn and made connections with people. The quality of the posts was most professional and informative. Then came the personal messages. I was expecting some business pitches or sales, after all, it is LinkedIn. But that’s not all that came. I received messages from people asking why I wanted a connection with them. It felt like a job interview, the essential question being, was I worthy of their connection? I understand their wariness, after all, I am looking for their support. But isn’t that what LinkedIn is all about? Growing a business?

Twitter: A very nice friend helped me set up my account on this social media platform. For a long time, I couldn’t understand why if I had Facebook and LinkedIn, did I need Twitter? The answer is, because it’s 2019. I’ve watched countless YouTube videos on how Twitter works, to be honest, I’m still a bit confused. My tweets are met with crickets, while my retweets are popular. And why in G-d’s name would I need a list of people to Tweet with? Isn’t that what followers are for? As you can see, I’m still not a twitter expert, not sure if I will ever hold that title. #Whyistwittersocomplicated?

If I had it my way, I’d reach people the old-fashioned way, through a meet and greet at a coffee shop. But sadly, it seems the old ways are no longer as effective or efficient. So, if you find me making blunders on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, please know I am trying to figure it all out. But if you want a connection, a real one, message me and let’s talk. It’s my favorite way to connect.

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