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My Ace

We all have what I call an ace in our lives. It may be a talent you have developed, a favorable situation that you may find yourself in, or a person who lends a hand when times get tough. My ace is my husband, Michael.

When I was looking to get married, my mentor gave me a bit of advice. Make sure to choose someone you would want your daughter to bring home. Well, if my daughter brought home someone like Michael, I’d give them my blessing and start planning the wedding.

When my daughters were younger, they favored Michael. Sure, I can chalk it up to being ‘daddies girls’, don’t most daughters adore their fathers? But this went beyond the normal daughter-daddy bond. They love their father, but they also admire him.

One of my daughters asked the other if there was something daddy couldn’t do. She thought for a full minute before asking me, “is there?” Well, he can’t fly using only his hands, but give him the parts to build a plane and he can fly.

When I told Michael I wanted to quit my job and write he told me, “now is the time in life to give it a try, let’s do what we can and make it happen.” Every Sunday for the past four years, the one-day Michael has off, he would sit with me and go over every word, line and chapter that I had written. Most guys wouldn’t be thrilled to give up their Sundays reading a young adult romance, but Michael did and still does some of my editing.

I know my husband doesn’t love praise, so I won’t go on, but I could. I will end by saying, that I hope he knows, that I know, how lucky I am to have him!

I invite everyone to share a brief thought about something special the wonderful people in your lives have done for you. Please share in the comments below.

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