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New Year Blues

In the past, the New Year Holiday brought for me the New Year Blues. Why? Because all those promises I made to myself the year before didn't magically come to fruition. I still would lose my temper with my children, unkind words about others would still slip from my mouth and the scale read exactly the same number it did the year before. So, I’m here to tell you that the prevailing myth that time heals, in and of itself, isn’t always true. Time doesn’t bring the change we desire necessarily, sometimes only action can.

I have come to realize I can have all the time in the world, but unless I act, nothing will be different. In the past, I got so frustrated when this time of year came around and I realized again I was still the same old me. I was waiting for something to change, and that was the problem. Waiting, hoping and dreaming doesn’t change a thing, but action does.

So now, as is my religious custom, I ask myself: “How can I change my behavior? What can I do to better my health? How can I keep my words kind?” Well, I can start by re-reading the booklet my nutritionist wrote. I can take a breath before speaking about others and I can work on bridging the gap between my expectations and how my children could realistically behave in tough times of the day.

Taking action isn’t a new concept for me, although my pride often tells me it isn’t needed. Three years ago, I stopped dreaming about writing and took a writer’s course. I stopped fearing rejection and experienced it; twenty-five rejection letters and counting. I stopped wondering what it was like to have a blog and began writing one.

Action is scary. Every time I fail, I wonder why I ever tried. I even revert back to the idea that I’ve wasted time. No more. Time is never wasted when we try. That is what time is for. Here is to a new year full of action and hopefully, positive outcomes.

Wishing everyone a wonderful, sweet and successful new year!

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