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You See Me - Sneak Peek

In honor of my first book coming out on Tuesday, here is a sneak peek. Enjoy!


A white Lexus came to a halt in front of Ella, the window lowered.

“Get in the car, quickly,” Jordan, her brother, demanded. He shoved his chestnut hair out of his eyes. “I don’t want anyone seeing me driving this mommy-mobile.”

“What took you so long?” Ella demanded, wiping beads of sweat from her forehead. “Your text promised me you would be here in five minutes.”

“Everyone knows that is code for twenty minutes,” Jordan replied. “Now get in.”

Her brother looked about as happy to pick her up as Ella felt to leave the party early. A mad Jordan meant a mean Jordan. Ella knew better than to test his patience. She jumped into the front seat, reaching around for her seatbelt. She was thrown backward, the car accelerating.

“I’m not buckled yet,” Ella yelled.

“Stop whining,” Jordan replied, rolling his eyes. “I’m going like ten miles an hour. As a geek, you should be able to read a speedometer.”

“I know how to read a speedometer, marble eyes,” Ella retorted. She hated being called a geek, something she was called at least once a week along with the constant jeers about her red hair.

Ella finally managed to fasten her seatbelt, a task that would have taken her five seconds if the car were stationary. She sniffed the air; a familiar stench. “Jordan, you’ve been drinking!”

“Quit your griping, ginger root. I’ve only had a few beers.”

Ella began to panic. “A few? You smell like you downed a whole keg.”

“I could have if I’d stayed longer,” Jordan said, rolling through the stop sign at the corner. “I had to leave Blake’s party early because Mom made me come get you.”

“It’s not my fault,” Ella said. “Mom is the one who ruined everything. I wish I could have stayed at Brittany’s party longer.” Ella touched her pale cheek, feeling the residue that remained from the kiss. She had waited three years for that kiss from Matt. Now her cheek was covered in perspiration, washing off all traces of his affection.

“Weren’t you and Shelby going out tonight?” Ella asked.

“Shelby is in Savannah for the summer, remember?”

“No,” said Ella. “I don’t keep track of your love life.”

Then Ella saw the light up ahead, turning from yellow to red.

“Jordan, the light is red,” said Ella.

“Shut up,” Jordan replied as he pressed with full force on the accelerator.

“Jordan, stop!” Ella shrieked.

“Ella, shut the hell up.”

Then everything went into slow motion—the massive sound of metal hitting metal, glass shattering, and airbags exploding.

Ella was thrown to the side and forwards, hitting the airbag with massive force. The last thing she remembered before blacking out was a woman screaming for help from somewhere in the dark distance.

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