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Creative Writing Tips


Read:  Every writer is a reader. The more you read, the more you will know.  The more you know, the more you can write about what you know. It’s a cycle of positivity you will never want to break out of.  Aim to read at least one book every three months.


Describe what you sense: What does your body do when you hear a crash? Shake, groan, nothing at all? What does spring smell like to you? Does it smell sweet, fresh, a little sweaty?  Why do we cry when we fall? Is it because it’s painful, embarrassing, yucky?  The more you can put senses and feelings into words, the better your writing will be. Express yourself.  Write down what you are feeling, smelling, seeing, and hearing. 


Keep your eyes open: Every experience you have can become a story. Did your birthday wish come true? Did the test you were scared to take turn out alright? Have your siblings ever done anything cute, annoying, awful, wonderful?  Put it in your stories.  


Making a negative into a positive: Did you ever have a bad day you wish could be magically turned into a good one?  Did someone ever make you sad and didn’t apologize?  Be a writer and change the ending.  This is a great way to solve problems and come up with some great stories.


What you love is what you should write about:  Do you love ghosts, fairies, outer space, mysteries, snow, magic, sleepovers or pizza?  Write about it! Create a world for readers to join. Add whatever characters and settings you wish. You will be spending lots of time in this wonderful, imaginary place, so make sure you love it.


Writing can be done anywhere: Stories can be created anywhere. All you need is time and your imagination. Stories can be created while you do chores, in the shower, or ride on your ride home from school. Just don’t forget to write down your thoughts when you are ready.

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